DODaniel Oliver — Editor,
The Candid American

Daniel Oliver has been part of the Conservative Movement since 1965, when he worked in William F. Buckley Jr.’s campaign for Mayor of New York City.

In 1970, he was Director of Research for James Buckley’s successful campaign for the Senate from New York. In the mid-1970s Oliver both wrote for and served as executive editor of National Review. And for most of the years since then, with the exception of … Read more

CONSERVATISM IN THE UNITED STATES today is in disarray, for two reasons. It has ceased to discuss or argue boldly for basic truths, and it has become totally incapable of mustering the indignation necessary to ignite a public outcry for change.

The state has continued its relentless expansion, crowding out the good works of communities, and sapping the energies of the people through high taxes (squandered in payouts to special interests and foreign wars) and regulations incomprehensible even to those who write them.

Our … Read more