The New America Firsters

As opposed to the Government Firsters (and Lasters).

By Daniel Oliver

The American Spectator

February 7th 2011

As we mused here a few days ago — in a piece pointing out that deregulation had to begin somewhere — Rome wasn’t burned in a day. (According to the Roman historian Tacitus, the fire, in 64 A.D., actually burned for five and a half days.)

The Republican Study Committee, the caucus of the conservative members of the House of Representatives, has lighted a small fire by … Read more

D-Day, 2014: A Remembrance

By Daniel Oliver

June 8th 2014

Normandy, France
June 6, 2014

At dawn on D-Day, 2014, the breeze was soft, the weather warming. The temperature would reach the high 80s. This was not the Longest Day’s weather.

All highways and major roads near the Normandy beaches were closed to general traffic in order to facilitate travel by buses (scores of them) and cars and limousines carrying more than three thousand people, many of them Americans, to the ceremonies marking the 70th anniversary of … Read more

Merry Christmas, Kim Jong-Un

By Daniel Oliver

The Daily Caller

December 25th 2014

What I want to know is, where were the North Koreans when we needed them?

They’ve been getting terrible ink recently, even though most Americans have precious little interplay with them. In fact, most Americans have never even seen a North Korean in the flesh, not even at Walmart. We’ve seen pictures of some of them, though, and they don’t have a warm and fuzzy look; in fact they look quite cold and grizzly. They … Read more