After Ukraine, What Should U.S. Strategy Be in Europe?

By Daniel Oliver

The Washington Times

April 7th 2014

As Russia amasses troops on Ukraine’s borders, Americans — and especially Europeans — should be asking two questions: What country in Europe is America willing to fight for, and for what country in Europe has America committed itself to fight? These questions may have different answers.

The first question leads to the subsidiary question: how should we fight? With guns or barter — military hardware or trade and currency? Different measures bring hardships to different … Read more

Too Late Now to Sell Obama Short

By Daniel Oliver

Human Events

December 10th 2014

Senator Mary Landrieu’s defeat in the Louisiana run-off election last Saturday spells curtains for holders of Barack Obama stock.

Back in February of 2009, I asked readers whether, if Barack Obama were a stock, they would be buying or selling. I recommended selling. At the time, Obama Inc. (stock symbol BHO) was already down on the Rasmussen Approval Index History exchange from its January 2009 price of 27 pct to 11 pct. The stock recently hit … Read more

Would the U.S. Go to War for Lithuania?

Russia’s encroachments past its borders are revealing the limits of NATO’s pledges of mutual defense.

By Daniel Oliver

The American Conservative

March 5th 2015

You have to feel sorry for Lithuania and its three million inhabitants. Lithuania may be the largest of the three Baltic countries, but it is still only as big as West Virginia. It may be a member of the European Union, the Council of Europe, the Schengen Agreement, and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, but it still has a 422-mile … Read more