The Hand on Rocker’s Cradle

By Daniel Oliver and M.D.B. Carlisle

The Washington Times

June 14th 2000

John Rocker, the famed Atlanta Braves relief pitcher, has been demoted to the minor leagues and fined again after having words again with Sports Illustrated reporter Jeff Pearlman. It was Mr. Pearlman’s piece last December that called Rocker to the attention of the liberal guardians of our society, who have devised standards of conduct by which they presume to judge the world. Those who fail their test and Rocker is surely one … Read more

Rand Paul and Halitosis

What he said and didn’t say to Ms. Rachel Maddow.

By Daniel Oliver

The American Spectator

July 12th 2010

Now, while the body of Senator (and former Exalted Cyclops) Robert Byrd (KKK, WVA) is still as warm as a smoldering cross on a black family’s lawn, and the memory of his record-length service in the U.S. Congress as fresh as a clean white sheet on a Grand Imperial Wizard — now is a good time to take a cold look at the comments on … Read more

Mau-Mauing the Free Press

By Daniel Oliver

The American Spectator

August 3rd 2010

Lee Bollinger, president of Columbia University, host to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and newly appointed head of the New York Federal Reserve Bank, says government should get into the business of subsidizing journalism. Like other Obama appointees, he says he is concerned that, with the changes in the financial structure of journalism, Americans might be deprived “of the essential information they need as citizens.”

It’s not difficult to imagine that one of those “needs” would … Read more

D-Day, 2014: A Remembrance

By Daniel Oliver

June 8th 2014

Normandy, France
June 6, 2014

At dawn on D-Day, 2014, the breeze was soft, the weather warming. The temperature would reach the high 80s. This was not the Longest Day’s weather.

All highways and major roads near the Normandy beaches were closed to general traffic in order to facilitate travel by buses (scores of them) and cars and limousines carrying more than three thousand people, many of them Americans, to the ceremonies marking the 70th anniversary of … Read more

A Birthday Wish for John Dingell

And good riddance – go, and make Washington more civil with your departure.

By Daniel Oliver

The Washington Times

July 7th 2014

After 127 years in Washington, Rep. John D. Dingell, who turns 88 today, has decided to call it quits. Actually, it’s only been 59 years. It just seems longer.

“I don’t want people to say I stayed too long,” Mr. Dingell said, displaying a now greatly impaired sense of timing.

He claims the current climate on Capitol Hill is “obnoxious.” It will … Read more

John Kerry: “Some of My Best Friends are Jews”

Secretary of State John Kerry decides he must pander to transsexuals. All two of them at the State Department.

By Daniel Oliver

November 6th 2014

That’s not exactly what Secretary of State John Kerry said, but neither is it as ridiculous as what he actually did say.

He was quoted in an Washington Post article reporting that the State Department, “which has been on the leading edge of policies affecting lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender federal employees,” has decided finally—we shared your impatience—to … Read more

The Federal Trade Commission’s Unwelcome Birthday

By Daniel Oliver

The Washington Times

November 6th 2014

Happy Birthday, Federal Trade Commission — I guess. This Friday the FTC is holding a jamboree in Washington, D.C., to celebrate 100 years of nonstatutory lawmaking, commonly referred to as regulating.

The FTC was midwifed into this world on Sept. 26, 1914, by President Woodrow Wilson — not an auspicious beginning. Wilson thought separation of powers belonged in the dustbin of history. The FTC is now the oldest surviving so-called “independent regulatory agency,” the Interstate … Read more

Merry Christmas, Kim Jong-Un

By Daniel Oliver

The Daily Caller

December 25th 2014

What I want to know is, where were the North Koreans when we needed them?

They’ve been getting terrible ink recently, even though most Americans have precious little interplay with them. In fact, most Americans have never even seen a North Korean in the flesh, not even at Walmart. We’ve seen pictures of some of them, though, and they don’t have a warm and fuzzy look; in fact they look quite cold and grizzly. They … Read more

Join the Army, See the World, Change Your Sex

By Daniel Oliver

The Daily Caller

March 9th 2015

Transie Mansie, pudding and pie,
Spilled the beans, the nasty guy;
Into prison he was hurled,
Now we must pay to have him girled.

Bradley Manning, convicted of leaking national-security secrets and sentenced to 35 years in prison (though he’ll probably be out in seven), has been granted the right to receive, at taxpayers’ expense, hormone treatment to transition from his current gender to one more compatible with his recently chosen new first name, Chelsea.… Read more

Indiana Burning

What’s Wrong with Racial Discrimination?

By Daniel Oliver

Radix News

April 11th 2015

Liberal fire and brimstone rained down on Indiana after the legislature passed its new Religious Freedom Restoration Act. Riding a wave that has grown, since the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was passed, into a force against any right to be selective (always derogatorily described as “discriminating”), progressive liberals now seek to eliminate the basic right of Americans to choose to deal, or not deal, with homosexuals.

Indiana has just become … Read more