Deciding Abortion

The key questions.

By Daniel Oliver

National Review

May 2nd 2005


The pro-abortion and anti-abortion forces are warships passing in the night. Their slogans, “pro-choice” and “pro-life,” don’t engage the central issue that divides them, which is, what actually happens in an abortion. Neither group really disagrees with the other’s slogan. None of the opponents of abortion would object to a woman’s choosing to do what she wanted with a tumor or some other unwanted tissue growing on or in her body. On … Read more

Corn vs. Coronary Bypass Surgery

All you can eat, according to the Obama socialist in residence, Dr. Ronald Werrbick, MD.

By Daniel Oliver

The American Spectator

July 28th 2010

It is argued here and there that President Obama is not a socialist. But with the incredible recess appointment last week of Dr. Ronald Werrbick to head the newly created American Center for All-American Food Excellence (“American CAFÉ”), the charge of socialism is becoming difficult to refute. Dr. Werrbick will direct an agency that oversees all food production and distribution … Read more

A Valentines Day Shooting in the Other Washington

By Daniel Oliver

The American Conservative

February 20th 2014

Last Friday afternoon, Makayla Darden, an eight-year-old girl, was hit by a stray bullet in Southeast Washington. Unlike Trayvon Martin, she was not instantly adopted by President Obama.

Two men, Karie Brown, 19, and Nathaniel Patten, 21, also of Southeast Washington, have been arrested and charged with assault with intent to kill while armed.

Last Friday was St. Valentine’s Day.

There were 91 murders in the District of Columbia last year (not counting the 12 … Read more