A League Of His Own

By Daniel Oliver and M.D.B. Carlisle 

The Washington Times

May 31st 2001

Much of the analysis of the decision by Sen. Jim Jeffords to switch parties is nonsense, especially the idea that he was mistreated by Senate Republicans. For starters, Sen. Trent Lott, in a move less than popular with his colleagues, permitted the Vermont senator to be chairman of the Education Committee, a gratuitously gracious move.

Republicans loyally supported his milk compact, an arrangement by which milk prices to consumers are artificially raised … Read more

McCain’s Not A Conservative

By Daniel Oliver

CBS News/National Review

February 19th 2008

John McCain is not a conservative, but I will vote for him anyway.

After all, in 1952, conservatives, grumbling that Ohio senator Robert “Mr. Republican” Taft had not been nominated, voted for Eisenhower because he was clearly the better alternative to Adlai Stevenson. And they voted for Ike again over Stevenson in 1956.

In 1971, a Who’s Who of conservatives, including the senior editors of National Review, suspended their support of President Nixon because of … Read more

DODaniel Oliver — Editor,
The Candid American

Daniel Oliver has been part of the Conservative Movement since 1965, when he worked in William F. Buckley Jr.’s campaign for Mayor of New York City.

In 1970, he was Director of Research for James Buckley’s successful campaign for the Senate from New York. In the mid-1970s Oliver both wrote for and served as executive editor of National Review. And for most of the years since then, with the exception of … Read more

CONSERVATISM IN THE UNITED STATES today is in disarray, for two reasons. It has ceased to discuss or argue boldly for basic truths, and it has become totally incapable of mustering the indignation necessary to ignite a public outcry for change.

The state has continued its relentless expansion, crowding out the good works of communities, and sapping the energies of the people through high taxes (squandered in payouts to special interests and foreign wars) and regulations incomprehensible even to those who write them.

Our … Read more

A Born Teacher

A review of Cancel Your Own Goddam Subscription: Notes and Asides from National Review by William F. Buckley, Jr., and of Strictly Right: William F. Buckley, Jr. and the American Conservative Movement by Linda Bridges and John R. Coyne, Jr.

By Daniel Oliver

The Claremont Review of Books

Spring 2008

A review of Strictly Right: William F. Buckley, Jr. and the American Conservative Movement by Linda Bridges and John R. Coyne, Jr.; and Cancel Your Own Goddam Subscription: Notes and Asides from National Review, … Read more

Conservatism and Civil Rights

By Daniel Oliver

Claremont Review of Books

Fall 2008 issue

As I read William Voegeli’s piece on William F. Buckley, Jr., and the civil rights movement, I thought, “Come on, Voegeli, make up your mind. Was Buckley right or wrong?” I concluded that Voegeli’s answer would be, “Yes.” Then I decided that, given the record, Buckley and the conservatives probably got a more balanced treatment from Voegeli than they would, and perhaps will, get from a lot of people.

No responsible person can regret … Read more

Selling Obama Short

If Barack Obama were a stock, would you be buying or selling?

By Daniel Oliver

The American Spectator

February 25th 2009

If Barack Obama were a stock, would you be buying or selling? On the Rasmussen Approval Index History exchange, Obama Inc. (stock symbol “BHO”) is already down from its January 21 price of 27 pct to 11 pct.

The usual disclaimer on investment vehicles, “past performance is no guarantee of future performance,” doesn’t apply in this case: there is no past performance, other … Read more

Accuracy Is Desirable

Conservatism finds itself at a rhetorical Crossroads.

By Daniel Oliver

The American Spectator

March 9th 2009

In 1837, a henpecked Jefferson Jackson, husband of a volcano known as Marjory (“yellin’ and screamin'”) Jackson and proprietor of the Crossroads Tea Shop in Crossroads, Tennessee, whispered to a frightened employee, “It takes a man with courage to make Marjory tea.”

His remark, which has come down to us as “It takes one brave man to make a majority,” has been attributed regularly to Andrew Jackson and … Read more

Richard Cohen’s Wild Moose Chase

Was it drink that caused him invoke Joe McCarthy against Sarah Palin?

By Daniel Oliver

The American Spectator

August 21st 2009

Liberals are getting worried now. Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen has played the McCarthy card against Sarah Palin.

Gov. Palin, expert moose hunter, is of course more than capable of looking after herself. But what does playing the McCarthy card say about the Liberals?

There are three points to remember about McCarthy. But first: no one should discuss McCarthy who hasn’t read Stan … Read more

What’s Your Metric?

How do you measure freedom?

By Daniel Oliver

The American Spectator

September 2009

How do you watch freedom?  How do you watch it grow? How do you watch it shrink? What’s the metric? What’s your metric? What do you think the metrics of your fellow citizens are? If you have no idea what their metric is, how do you talk to them about freedom with any sense of urgency?

Milton Friedman’s metric was the percentage of GDP spent by government.

Friedman said we could … Read more