Lash and Chain Morality

The last refuge of a self-regarding socialist — and the only argument left to the Obamacare crowd.

By Daniel Oliver

The American Spectator

March 10th 2010

David Ignatius writes in the Washington Post that President Obama should try to shift the health care argument to what Ignatius calls the high ground: morality. He says that what is lacking is the sense that Congress must act because health care for all is a matter of social justice, “required by our moral conscience.”

Ignatius cites the … Read more

America the Generous

Forty billionaires must think otherwise.

By Daniel Oliver

The American Spectator

August 11th 2010

Forty billionaires have just pledged to give away at least half their wealth to charity, concerning which a few observations.

Scripture says it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of Heaven (capitalized because, as Ralph de Toledano pointed out, it’s a place — you know, like Scarsdale). We could note in passing, but will … Read more

Dracon for President?

Nothing, nothing is as important as the financial health of the United States.

By Daniel Oliver

The American Spectator

February 22nd 2011

“Draconian” was the way one Democrat described, with surprising accuracy, the budget cuts the Republicans in the House of Representatives passed before the dawn’s early light last Saturday. Dracon, who gave his name to the Democrat’s adjective, was an Athenian legislator in the 7th century B.C. who replaced the rule of lawgivers with the rule of law, an act that to this … Read more

Social Security and the Ghost of Ephram Nestor

Entitlements? Uncle Sam’s big bait and switch.

By Daniel Oliver

The American Spectator

April 6th 2011

Very few senior citizens have heard of Ephram Nestor. And not many junior citizens, either. Nestor was a Bulgarian who came to America in 1913 and lived here continuously for 43 years. Then, in July 1956, he was deported for having been a Communist from 1933 to 1939, a period of time during which membership in the Communist Party as such was not illegal and wasn’t even a … Read more

Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho, Student Debt Has Got to Go!

By Daniel Oliver

May 8th 2014

Student debt is a public-policy issue that will keep on giving—giving problems to the Democrats, who created it, and the opportunity of a lifetime to Republicans, if they have the wit to seize it.

The total student-loan debt is huge, an estimated $1 trillion. Average debt per borrower in 2012 was $24,800. Of the trillion dollars, about $758.5 billion is owed to the federal government. The rest is owed to private lenders.

There are three problems with … Read more

Too Late Now to Sell Obama Short

By Daniel Oliver

Human Events

December 10th 2014

Senator Mary Landrieu’s defeat in the Louisiana run-off election last Saturday spells curtains for holders of Barack Obama stock.

Back in February of 2009, I asked readers whether, if Barack Obama were a stock, they would be buying or selling. I recommended selling. At the time, Obama Inc. (stock symbol BHO) was already down on the Rasmussen Approval Index History exchange from its January 2009 price of 27 pct to 11 pct. The stock recently hit … Read more

Let’s Make A Deal With the Middle Class

By Daniel Oliver

The Daily Caller

January 5th 2015

Happy New Year, middle class. Now let’s have a serious discussion.

After the electoral shellacking the Democrats took in November, Senator Chuck Schumer (D, Govt.) said the Democrats should propose more middle-class-oriented programs to try to win back the core: white, working-class voters.

Middle-class income is said to be down, and the middle class is said to be upset. But it’s not clear that the first statement is true, or that the second statement is … Read more

Jafar for President: Forgive Student loans

By Daniel Oliver

January 20th 2015

In his State of the Union message on January 20, President Obama will propose that the federal government pay for two years of community college for every student who wants to go. The estimated cost ($3,800 a year each for nine million possible students) is $35 billion a year. The idea is to jack up the number of people who will vote for the Party of Bigger Government.

A few months ago, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (PBG, MA), … Read more