Jeb Bush’s Toaster Problem

By Daniel Oliver

The Daily Caller

January 12th 2015

There are many conservatives who say that neither of the two Bush presidents ever disappointed them — they got just what they expected.

That being the case, why would they risk a third?

A useful rule in life is, if an item you bought breaks immediately, don’t get another one just like it. If you buy a toaster and it doesn’t work, don’t buy the same model again hoping it will be better. The rule … Read more

What Did Jeb Bush Say? Don’t Bother Asking His Office

By Daniel Oliver

February 24th 2010

Over a recent nine-day period, my research assistant sent six emails to Ms. Kristy Campbell at the Jeb Bush organization requesting copies of the speeches Gov. Bush had given in 2014.

The first two emails went unanswered. After the third email Ms. Campbell wondered: “what is this for?”

Gov. Bush apparently wants to be president of the United States, and he has an aide who asks why someone wants to see copies of his speeches?

Ah, Ms. … Read more