The Federal Trade Commission’s Unwelcome Birthday

By Daniel Oliver

The Washington Times

November 6th 2014

Happy Birthday, Federal Trade Commission — I guess. This Friday the FTC is holding a jamboree in Washington, D.C., to celebrate 100 years of nonstatutory lawmaking, commonly referred to as regulating.

The FTC was midwifed into this world on Sept. 26, 1914, by President Woodrow Wilson — not an auspicious beginning. Wilson thought separation of powers belonged in the dustbin of history. The FTC is now the oldest surviving so-called “independent regulatory agency,” the Interstate … Read more

Stan Evans: Everyman’s Bill Buckley

What do you get when you cross Bill Buckley and Stan Evans? The conservative movement.

By Daniel Oliver

March 26th 2015

Stanton Evans, who died on March 3, was Everyman’s William F. Buckley Jr.

Buckley, who died in 2008, was eight years older than Evans, but their early training was similar, and they were both precocious, productive, and busy. Very busy.

Both went to Yale (Stan graduated magna cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa). Both were editors of the Yale Daily News. After Yale, … Read more

Indiana Burning

What’s Wrong with Racial Discrimination?

By Daniel Oliver

Radix News

April 11th 2015

Liberal fire and brimstone rained down on Indiana after the legislature passed its new Religious Freedom Restoration Act. Riding a wave that has grown, since the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was passed, into a force against any right to be selective (always derogatorily described as “discriminating”), progressive liberals now seek to eliminate the basic right of Americans to choose to deal, or not deal, with homosexuals.

Indiana has just become … Read more