CONSERVATISM IN THE UNITED STATES today is in disarray, for two reasons. It has ceased to discuss or argue boldly for basic truths, and it has become totally incapable of mustering the indignation necessary to ignite a public outcry for change.

The state has continued its relentless expansion, crowding out the good works of communities, and sapping the energies of the people through high taxes (squandered in payouts to special interests) and regulations in­comprehensible even to those who write them.

Our foreign policy is conducted with reckless abandon, like a video game.

Religion is held up to scorn in the public square. Family life is routinely satirized. Morality is seen as a relic from an unenlightened age. Rampant illegitimacy, the offspring of sexual immorality, sanctioned by society and funded by the welfare state, has been a social catastrophe and the primary growth hormone stimulating the explosion of the underclass.

But there is, as we say, no sense of embattlement, no militance.

We are all rich now, even the lower middle classes, seduced, by a standard of living unimaginable only a few decades ago, into letting slip the freedoms won by a sturdier age.

The financial tsunami has been sighted, but the sunbathers are unmoved. Their spiritual desiccation is salved by the sunlotiony excesses of the welfare state. This will not end well. But—hey!—who cares? We’ll make it through today.

That is a problem — and that is the problem that the material that appear on this site addresses.

October 2013